About Rae Hatherton

Rae Hatherton, NCTMB, C.M.I., C.Ht., ND, is a master healer and teacher whose practice centers on Tibetan Energy Medicine, an integrated approach to health and wellbeing on all levels. Tibetan Energy Medicine, is the integration of many ancient healing traditions assisting the individual in bringing to consciousness underlying patterns of behavior, energy, feeling or thought that are disrupting their balance and hence their health.

Her approach combines the knowledge passed on to her by teachers of many different models of work into one coherent system to balance the body/mind.  


People seek out Rae for three main reasons:

  • to address conditions which cannot be explained by conventional medical theories
  • to refine the balance and direction in their lives

  • to deal with chronic conditions such as cancer, auto-immune diseases, as well as organ dysfunctions and lifestyle transitions.

Her powerful intuition, expertise and credentials in a wide range of healing traditions enable her to custom-build an approach that succeeds where conventional treatments may have failed. 

In addition, medical practitioners are drawn to Rae as a teacher to learn to seamlessly integrate intuition, presence and Buddhist principles into their existing paradigms of healing.

Through a combination of diet, herbs, lifestyle change, bodywork and dialogue, Rae helps people shift harmful lifestyle patterns so their systems can rebalance and recover the vitality they know is possible. Rae partners with her clients to help them become advocates in their own healing. With profound compassion and caring, Rae examines each person in their own context: environment, history, attitudes, outlook, constitution, and temperament. In the process, they create together a healing space where the right path and practice emerge at the right pace for the individual to shift into balance.

That sensitive attunement and clarity are the hallmark of Rae’s work both in her private practice based in Toronto and Louisville Kentucky and in her writing, teaching, and public speaking across the world. Rae is certified in many modalities including naturopathy, herbology, massage, acupressure, hypnotherapy and medical intuition, to name a few.  She integrates all of her training and experience to help her clients make sustained changes for the better.

The following modalities are often included in the lifestyle changes that may be required to shift the paradigm of ill health to one of vibrant wellness:

  • Body Alignment 
  • Therapeutic Bodywork 
  • Tibetan Acupressure 
  • Personal Yoga 
  • Nutritional Support 
  • Lifestyle Design 
  • Herbs and Supplementation 
  • Medical Intuition - Download 'What is Medical Intuition?' (32k MS Word doc)
  • Work of Hanna Kroeger 
  • The Reconnection 
  • Therapeutic Hypnosis 
  • Past Life Regression 
  • Meditation

For a more detailed look at Rae's areas of expertise, please click here.

Rae Hatherton has practiced and taught in Toronto and Kentucky for the past 18 years and taught internationally in Canada, the US, the UK and Australia. She has written two books, Alive, An Energy Plan for Life (link) and The Alive Recipe Collection, Sculpting Your Body With Food (link.) She is a devoted student of Sogyal Rinpoche and continues to study and learn.


Portrait of Rae Hatherton

Rae Hatherton


Tibetan Accupressure Demonstration Video

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