What is Tibetan Energy Medicine?

Tibetan Energy Medicine, an ancient healing tradition helps the individual bring to consciousness underlying patterns of behavior, energy, feeling or thought that are disrupting their balance and hence their health. Through a combination of breath, exercise, diet, herbs, moon cycles, circadian rhythms, bodywork, dialogue and meditation the paradigm of illness and imbalance gradually shifts to one of happiness and healing.

A crucial part of the application of modalites and lifestyle change, presence is one of the most important qualities that one human being can deliver to another. Being fully present is more important than loving someone, thinking compassionate thoughts or being sensitive and even more important than just being expert in a area of healing. Presence requires that one set aside their own agenda and connect deeply with the other listening without judging or adding to the process, a demonstration of compassionate action. The expertise and intuitive capacity of the practitioner to adapt what is needed for the individual is something that being fully present enhances.

Presence moves the art of communication on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels to that of communion. It is the space within which profound healing occurs.


Portrait of Rae Hatherton

Rae Hatherton


Tibetan Accupressure Demonstration Video

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