Hopefully you have just read the book Alive! An Energy Plan for Life. Alive Plan Support means having people, activities, and techniques that help you make the transition through the first stages of the Alive! Energy Plan effectively and with ease. I have already discussed the kinds of support you can give yourself: being mindful, learning to practice loving kindness, listening to your body, and practicing mindfulness and meditation. In order to really be successful longterm, it is best to have coaching sessions to give you support during the first few months.

Coaching is a crucial part of this lifestyle change. Coaching and partnering with others is the support that gets you through to the next stage. When you run out of steam, get in touch with your coach. When you run across what seems like an insurmountable obstacle, it is the coach who makes a “molehill out of the mountain.” It is when you pull that two-by-four out of the closet to beat yourself for something pretty insignificant that your coach makes you laugh at yourself. Your coach will be inspired and moved by your courage, and thus, so will you.

I was hesitant about writing this book at first, because I was concerned that I would not be there to answer all your questions, to help you get over your stumbling blocks, and to address your concerns and your changes. Somewhere in the past few years, when I began working more and more by email and by phone, I started to trust the fact that if you really wanted or needed information, guidance, or coaching, you would find me, set up an appointment, and communicate. So here we are. Now I am training others to be there, I have a sincere wish that many people will train as practitioners to be able to be there for people as they transition into this new lifestyle.

One coaching session a month in person, by phone, or on Skype is ideal to keep you sailing in the right direction. Sailing offers a great metaphor. Often, although clear about your destination, you must tack (go back and forth to catch the wind), and it may feel as though you are going in the wrong direction for a while. Having someone tell you to tack (adjust direction) when you need to is more than useful. The ship gets back on course that way. Most people who have successfully made it through this program have done it with coaching. Sessions can be conducted by phone or Skype and followed up by email (which is always included as part of the coaching fee).

It takes three months to a year for most people to get through this program (exceptions are those who have over 60 pounds [30 kg] to lose and those who are on more than one prescription drug or have a major immune system illness). In such situations, more time is required. The first session is an hour and a half and the ongoing sessions are an hour each. All sessions include unlimited email between sessions as a function of reporting and to respond to questions and handle road blocks as you progress.

For more information on coaching and the NEW DETOX programs please contact Rae Hatherton at rae@tibetanenergymedicine.com



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