Rae's approach to health and wellbeing incorporates many modalities as she partners with the person's body, mind and spirit in the healing dimension.

Environment, personal, family and business relationships, habits, DNA, current activities, stressors and previous and existing conditions as well as diet, exercise, mental disciplines and faith have as much to do with the healing paradigm as do the common elements acceptable in the medical domain for the condition diagnosed.

Her care is tailored to each person as an individual and provides a compassionate approach to healing both at a deeply personal as well as cellular level. This way of healing allows the mind to shift and the body to respond resulting in an opening for the person to feel able to choose to live their life fully and well.

Consultations are 90 minutes with follow up online support – $175.00 (plus GST or HST in Canada)
Physical Treatment sessions are 60 minutes – $100.00 (plus GST or HST in Canada)

Critical Illness Treatment & Care - Rae supplies the support structure and compassion you need to find balance on the path of critical illness in the areas of lifestyle, nutrition, acupressure, and meditation. She provides a seamless integration of medical and alternative approaches.

Red Light Cold Laser Acupuncture – This type of acupuncture is done using the auricular (ear) model and uses three distinct German system protocols. It is a deeply effective and immediate method designed especially for anxiety, depression, immune support, pain reduction and addictive behaviour cessation.

Alive: An Energy Plan for Life – Incorporates food combining, circadian rhythms, breath, meditation, teas, movement, and coaching to create a transformational shift, resulting in a new you. The plan shifts metabolic function bringing  energy, clarity and vitality back to life. View book here.

Dialogue – Listening deeply for the non-verbal clues as well as the patterns and flow of a person’s life on all levels is vital to sensing where and why imbalance occurs and where and what correction is required. Individuals often just need to be heard in order to move on in life.

Medical Intuitive Body Scans – The scan traces the nature and roots of conditions that have manifested themselves in physical discomfort and disease within a client's unique energy field. Scans can be done as an individual service or as an introduction to a series of other modalities offered. For a medical inutitive scan please click here.

Body Alignment System – The body is an electrical system, and the pelvis is the foundation of the framework of that system. Adjustments that allow the electrical system of the body to connect properly through movement of bone and muscle in proper alignment facilitate efficiently functioning organs.

Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork – The body holds tension in the musculature affecting the functioning of the lymphatic, vascular and nervous systems. Deep tissue massage allows the release of that tension. Offering is for exclusive clients only.

Tibetan Acupressure-Compassionate Touch – An ancient system of reflexive pressure point healing, applied with mindfulness and presence using the tonglen practice of giving and sending removes stress, anxiety, depression and relieves chronic pain.

Yoga: Personal Exercise Design – Developing a daily practice of basic yogic positions and movements allows for the maintenance of the flowing energies necessary to maintain the balance required for good health. This yoga may include the Five Tibetan Rites.

Cleansing: Herbs – Cleansing is a tried and true way to “clean house” when disease conditions present themselves. Regular cleanses are a method of disease prevention in a polluted environment. Herbs are a gift of the earth to assist in maintaining health and well being.

Nutritional Support – Good water, balanced nutrition and supplementation is the way to keep organs and systems functioning at peak, providing the natural strength and immunity to maintain a healthy life. Disease conditions can often be cleared with the use of food and supplements.

The Work of Hanna Kroeger – Hanna was a wonderful German-American teacher and herbalist. She lived in Boulder CO for many years and developed her own body of healing work. Many of the leaders in alternative healing began at Hanna’s knee. Rae studied with and uses Hanna’s remedies for many conditions.

The Reconnection – The "new" frequencies of healing described by Eric Pearl transcend "technique" entirely and bring levels beyond those previously accessible. Rae has been trained in this work and is having many spontaneous healings occur in her presence since being introduced to these frequencies.

Hypnosis – Individually designed sessions can help clear subconscious resistance. In the case of chronic conditions, changing habits, motivation and stress management assist in the lifestyle design process.

Past Life Regression – Releasing patterns due to decisions made in this life or others allows a new freedom of creative expression. These conditions may be the source of many disease states or psychological distress symptoms.


Portrait of Rae Hatherton

Rae Hatherton


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