What is Energy?

Energy is more than the current buzzword in the alternative medicine community. Increasingly often, acupuncture meridians, electromagnetic fields, colors, energy patterning, energy healing and brain chemistry are becoming the subjects of  conventional medical science as well.

Implementing energy modalities along with lifestyle and environmental change including food, herbs, bodywork, and incorporating spiritual and psychological direction offers some alternative approaches that can bring the body and mind of the individual to balance.

Energy has many names, chi or qi in Chinese medicine, prana, source or universal life force to name a few. When energy becomes blocked or stagnant in the systems either within the body or in the immediate field just outside of it, the natural energy flow is disrupted, resulting in physical and/or mental distress often resulting in disease.

We are energy beings made up of light frequencies. Einstein explained that with his theory of relativity: e=mc². The physical body is the part that we can see and feel. We also have an energetic body which extends up to 1 meter  (and maybe further) outside the physical body. It is said that disturbances in the energetic field of the body, if left untreated, manifest into physical conditions.

All things occur within a field and all fields are made up of energy. Positive and negative thoughts create different fields and persistent negative thought fields create imbalance which manifests eventually in the body. Energetic imbalances can be created through many things including the food we eat, the environment we inhabit, as well as our thoughts, feelings and habits.


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